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Slightly deviated

Once upon a time in a land far far……….you get the idea. I was a drummer in a band and we were doing quite well. Things however fall apart, people move on and time passes and then one day, you’re in your late thirties and you realise how much you miss drumming. It’s Dave’s fault. Well, partially it is but I’ll blame him entirely for now.

It's Dave's fault

Dave is an old friend of mine. He runs a successful drum, guitar and bass tuition studio near Tunbridge Well called One8e and he’s also in a few bands, The Mighty Worm, 4th Wall and the seminal punk band, The Anti Nowhere League. On a recent trip to Kent I spent an afternoon and evening with Dave catching up, having a nice pub lunch and for the first time in over a decade, having a play on a drum kit. It was awesome and I didn’t suck anywhere near as much as I thought I would with the lack of practice. Then in the evening I went to the last venue I played to watch Dave and 4th Wall perform, the Tunbridge Wells Forum along with All the Above. Obviously I took photos whilst there too, after all it would be rude not to. The full album can be seen here or here.

4th Wall

Next, more recently I spent the evening in Sleaford cricket club photographing Bear Makes Ninja (awesome name if ever there was one) and Kill the Ideal oh, and a bloke named Dan. The album for that can be seen here and here.

All of the bands I have photographed recently have gone a long way to remind me what fabulous local bands there are around. In this age dominated by the drivel put out by X-Factor and it’s like, it’s nice to know that people are still getting together and making fantastic original music and are a joy to see.

So if you’re Saturday evening plan is to sit in and watch the latest pseudo talent show on the box, why not pop to a local pub and see a live band and have a great evening instead. You’ll thank me for it.


Bear Makes Ninja

Kill The Ideal


Anyway, unusual for me on this blog, I decided to post a few videos by bands I have shot recently or know members of, including Zipperface which my dear old friend Richmond batters the skins for and the video includes cake so it’s worth it for that.

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Chris Giles


I like to try and promote friends and sites that I like or feel would be interesting to others whenever I can.


With this in mind I’d like to share with you  an interview with Brighton based photographer Chris Giles. Chris (who is in fact an old friend of mine) spoke with Friday-Ad, where he discusses his love of photography, gives some good advice on how to choose a wedding photographer and shares some thoughts on where he thinks the industry is heading.

Yes it’s a blatant link in to a commercial site but if it helps a friend get even more exposure then all is good in my book.

Friday-Ad meets Brighton photographer Chris Giles

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Meet the Fro!

I must admit, I have only recently (past few months) discovered the talent of Jared Polin, aka “The Fro”. 

He has a YouTube collection of videos close to a thousand in number and he makes some of the easiest to watch and interesting videos on photography. For free. Sort of.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a time served professional, I’m sure most people can find something of interest in his videos. From his well rounded and extensive rant on the virtues of shooting RAW over just Jpeg to his 5 minute portraits shoots with other well known photographers, there is something for pretty much everyone.

This is the bio from his own site,

Jared Polin is an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and countless other international publications. He has recently pointed his talents to the business world and established himself as an entrepreneur with incredible vision and impressive results. In 2010, Jared launched FroKnowsPhoto.com, a fun and informative website for photographers that provides guidance in the art, process, equipment and experience of capturing moments in photos. Jared’s unique style and media savvy helped him grow the site’s audience to over one million unique visits within the first 15 months, while his playfully instructional YouTube videos have exceeded 10 million impressions in the same amount of time. The popularity of his “I Shoot Raw” brand of merchandise has catapulted Jared and FroKnowsPhoto to worldwide recognition, creating a legion of fans and photographers of all skill levels who flock to the site for education and assistance.

In addition to renowned photographer and online superstar, Jared has become a trusted advisor and consultant to brands and companies looking to expand their visibility online. A recognizable personality at social media business and photo conferences around the United States, Jared is a sought-after speaker and a leading expert on photography and the use of content development and marketing.


When I say it’s sort of free. He funds his site from advertisers and from sales of merchandise such as the awesome “I shoot RAW” t-shirts.


So please, take a look at Fro Knows Photo, visit the advertisers and then go buy a t-shirt as Jared is an awesome bloke and from the few emails we’ve exchanged, very helpful too so his site and videos are worth helping him to keep producing. Oh, and he does know his stuff and is also not too proud to admit when he doesn’t.

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Maidens and magic editing

Well the shoot for the 2012 Mud and Maidens calendar is in the planning and will be happening in July. If you’re a model, interested in applying for the casting for the calendar then please email me lee@anwickphotography.co.uk with your details.

The below image for the calendar was shot by me, features the lovely Miss Lily Stark and was designed and edited by the very talented Pete Tynan. There had been a different plan for the image but when the weather didn’t want to co-operate I threw the shoot at Pete and he worked his magic.

I have also recently made use of Pete’s services for another shoot but I won’t be able to show that image until the publication in which it is appearing hit’s the shelves. Don’t want to spoil the impact.

Pete's magic, Miss Lily Stark, and me.

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A new year is almost upon us

Well 2011 is almost upon us. I guess it’s time to reflect on 2010. How was it for you? Whatever your answer, good or bad, I sincerely hope that 2011 is better. From a photographic perspective my year has been pretty good though quiet-ish in the last month or so due to other things needing my attention. I am already looking forward to a number of projects next year and will be working with some amazing people. Some for the first time, others for the second, third or more.

Below is a short gallery of some of this years work, I hope you enjoy.


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Bizarre Ultra Vixens

For those of you that are not aware. Bizarre magazine hold a monthly contest for unknown models and non-models to enter and become that month’s Ultra Vixen. At the end of the year another vote takes place to find the overall winner from the monthly victors who wins the most coveted prize to appear in an issue of the magazine and on the cover of a special subscribers issue.

Last years winner was the stunning and delightful Gypsy Rhodes who I have had the pleasure of working with on a number of occasions this past year. She is a worthy person to win the prize and is most humble with it.

Gypsy Rhodes

Gypsy Rhodes

This year I would like to put a good word in for the lovely Mollie Hellcat. Whilst there are many worthy girls in this year’s contest, I have worked with Mollie a couple of times as well as had many a discussion with her so I am a little biased. Please take a look at the Ultra Vixens contest page and place a vote. You need to join up but it’s totally free and you don’t get constantly spammed by unwanted email so you have nothing to lose. If you choose to vote for another of the girls then that is obviously your choice and I wish her luck, as I do all the entrants this year.

Mollie Hellcat

Mollie doing some good work for charity

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A special thank you

Whilst I cannot thank enough, those models that posed in the cold and mud for the Macmillan Charity Calendar, a special thank you must also be extended to three photographers.

Ste Jones – Kitaeru Photography

Ste travelled that morning all the way from Wigan to help out on the shoot and he done a sterling job. His Facebook page can be found here and I urge you to take a look at his work.

Ste Jones

Ste aka Mr Kitaeru

James Rose – Roziekins Photography

James is a new photographer in professional terms. He is also a very experienced model. He was honoured to be asked to help out on the shoot and we were honoured to have his help. His Facebook page can be found here and his Model Mayhem photographer portfolio can be seen here.

Roziekins at work

Richard Rollinson – Zero72 Photography

Richard was brought onboard late in the day to come and help out with behind the scenes shooting and general bit and pieces and he is a true star. The only reason none of his images made the final calendar is due to people looking at another photographer and suchlike. I know a club that was at the shoot are very appreciative of his efforts with their vehicles and I know myself and many others are appreciative of his taxi skills during the shoot.

A special mention goes to Richard as just after taking the Christmas shot in the montage below, he slipped and severely damaged his ankle, so much so, it’s still not fully recovered. His Facebook page can be seen here.

Richard Obi-Wan

Richard Obi-Wan demonstrating the force

It was my pleasure to work with these gentlemen and they will have the first invites to the next charity shoot I am involved with. They all gave selflessly as did the models.

Other photographic mentions must go to Simon Ward-Hastelow, Mike Fox and Andy Watson.

Credits in the three images above, Richard Rollinson, Simon Ward-Hastelow, Mike Fox (calendar inserts, James Rose and Ste Jones).

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Another blatant sales pitch

I know, two charity pitches in a day. Well, a stunning model and friend of mine, Gypsy Rhodes, who appears in the Macmillan calendar as in the earlier post, and also in the gallery image in the sliders at the top of this page, has again produced a charity calendar purely of new images of her. The proceeds of which go to aid the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which is a very good cause. Sophie, if you don’t already know was beaten to death defending her boyfriend in an attack in 2007, purely for looking alternative. Please visit the site and buy a second calendar (as you have already bought the Macmillan/Team Chaos one).

Gypsy Rhodes 2011

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Time to be more proactive I think

Well after brushing the dust off this blog I have decided to (attempt) to be more proactive in keeping it up to date.

So first a sales pitch. I was recently involved (under the Anwick Photography banner) in the production of a charity calendar to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. This was in partnership with my good friend Colin Batchelor of Team Chaos fame and the wonderful people from Toxic Epitome, along with 13 of the most hardy alternative models in the area, three other photographers, a national magazine and a mixed motley crew of Land Rover enthusiasts.

The shoot took place in a Lincolnshire quarry at the end of October and was, cold, hard work, but a lot of fun. The finished A3 product is now on sale and can be purchased from the Toxic site mentioned above. ALL the proceeds go to the charity, only the costs of the printing and postage are being deducted, hence, for the £12 cost of the calendar, at least £5 goes to the charity.

Thanks must also go to the kind companies that were generous enough to sponsor a page each (well 11 pages between them) and add to the total charity fund.

They were,

Nene Overland

Roofright glass fibre specialists, Boston.

Free Spirit 4×4


Ashcroft Transmissions

Flatdog UK

Patterson Electronics


Autoland 4×4 Service

Cover image

Anyway, please buy a copy (or three) as it’s for a very good cause.

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