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No matter…….

……how often you say to yourself that you must post articles more often, it still doesn’t happen. Never mind. Well lets get up to speed.

In a previous post I mentioned some extra work the talented Pete Tynan was doing for a publication. This was the resulting image as appearing in the July issue of Land Rover World and I must say, Pete certainly worked his magic.

Imposing punk rock

It’s been a busy month or so with other things too. As well as moving house I spent a few days sailing and another photographic job gave me an excuse to see a very dear friend. Whilst visiting my friend we spent the afternoon at Woburn Safari Park (free entry and discounted food too) so I took a few images, including one of the ‘Lesser spotted stealth rhino’ (long story) as seen below. See if you can spot the hidden Rhino.

The job that followed was a trip to the Newbury 4×4 and vintage spares day, oddly enough, in Newbury. Those in Land Rover circles will quite possibly remember the Old Sodbury sortouts (now in a new location) and this event is at the same showground. For this we required two models, Jes Fisher and Emma Marquick were chosen and we had a very relaxed and leisurely day wandering and shooting. Shame all shoots can’t be that relaxed, but then, sometimes the pressure can help.

Sea King on training manoeuvres

Sea King on training manoeuvres


Windmills at sea



Can you see the Rhino

Ninja Rhino in training

Jes Fisher finding a Land Rover she loved

Emma Marquick

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Maidens and magic editing

Well the shoot for the 2012 Mud and Maidens calendar is in the planning and will be happening in July. If you’re a model, interested in applying for the casting for the calendar then please email me lee@anwickphotography.co.uk with your details.

The below image for the calendar was shot by me, features the lovely Miss Lily Stark and was designed and edited by the very talented Pete Tynan. There had been a different plan for the image but when the weather didn’t want to co-operate I threw the shoot at Pete and he worked his magic.

I have also recently made use of Pete’s services for another shoot but I won’t be able to show that image until the publication in which it is appearing hit’s the shelves. Don’t want to spoil the impact.

Pete's magic, Miss Lily Stark, and me.

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Note to self, must post more often!

Okay so I have been a little on the lazy side when it comes to posting on here. Not to say I haven’t been busy though.

In amongst everything else I found myself in my home county of Kent a couple of weekends ago. I had a editorial shoot in East Sussex and an old friend of mine (going back some 25 years)  was celebrating her birthday on the Saturday night in Tenterden in Kent so it seemed the perfect coincidence to catch up with some friends I had not seen for many years.

Back to the photographic point. For the night in the pub I wanted to record the evening for prosperity and potentially blackmail purposes so I decided to take a camera with me. Initially I opted to leave the flash guns at the friend’s I was staying at so as to minimise bulk, planning to use high ISO settings. I fitted a small lens, turned off raw so didn’t have to take extra memory cards and off we went. After a few shots in a dark pub however I decided that the high ISO setting, whilst able to cope with the low light impressively, was just a tad grainy for my liking so I had to resort to pressing the button and using the built in flash. Let get things straight here. Shooting usually with a flashgun I really hate the pop-up flashes offered on DSLR’s and have never used them on any of mine apart from once, at the top of the Eiffel tower when the flashguns were 700ft below me!

So I popped the flash and expected to spend the evening deleting overexposed white-outs and red eye galore. Well, and I’ll hold my hands up here, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Whilst not publication quality images, the built in flash actually performed admirably and all of my friends were very pleased with the results.  So the moral of the story, when you think you know all the tricks your DSLR has for you, it’ll sometimes pull a nice surprise out the hat.

On another note, a few weeks ago I mentioned a shoot with the lovely Nona Nightmare for Land Rover World. Well the magazine hit’s the shelves next week and I urge you to go and get your copy with Nona on the front and featured on a four page spread inside.

Land Rover World, June 2011

Nona on the cover of LRW

And keep and eye out for a future issue of the magazine featuring the drummer from the Anti-Nowhere League and his matching custom built drum kit and Land Rover.

Anti No-Where League drummer with custom drums and matching Land Rover

Anti-Nowhere League drummer Nato, with custom drums and matching Land Rover

See you next time. I promise it won’t be so long.

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Mud and Maidens calendar 2012

Cover image

Well, I know we’re only just getting rolling into 2011 but we need to start planning for the Mud and Maidens calendar for next year. We’re planning on shooting it in July or August to get the benefit of warm days and longer daylight hours.

Location has yet to be decided upon and we’re seriously considering making it a weekend event so camping will be available and we’ll have a big BBQ and some beverages on the Saturday night and shoot both Saturday and Sunday.

It will involve Land Rovers again and most likely some mud/water/dirt so be prepared to get messy.

If you are interested in putting your name down to model, or if you have a vehicle of interest that may suit please email me at:


and I will keep you up to date on the proceedings.

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