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Official positions

This June (23rd and 24th) I will be performing official duties as the event photographer for the new Bristol and West Land Rover show . There is also due to be a world record attempt to form a mosaic of a Defender 90 out of Land Rovers. This will involve two things; 1. My Land Rover in the mosaic and 2. Me up high in a cherry picker to take the final mosaic image.

The height doesn’t worry me but I now need to calculate the height I need to be at the fit a 300 x 300 meter field into the frame without going too wide. Must get the calculator out.

Bristol and West Land Rover Show

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As some of you will know, in addition to this site and my ‘waffle’ blog, I have my commercial site/portfolio, www.anwickphotography.co.uk.

Anwick Photography

Now it just so happens that when I went to update some of the images a few days ago I realised I needed to update the theme software which led me to a decision, keep the theme, which I loved, or move to a new design. I thought that like most things, a new appearance every now and again can be a good thing so I decided to move to a new theme style.

The change means that behind the scenes it’s far quicker for me to update the site and at the front, there is more for the visitor to see. Anyway, I spent a number of hours the other night up as after installing the theme at about 11pm it occurred to me I need to put some content in as the content from the old style didn’t carry across. I therefore went to bed at 3am, happy in the knowledge that at least visitors had something to look at.

On another note, the 2012 Mud and Maidens calendar is now available to order. It’s currently at the printers (lets not go there) but as soon as I receive the delivery, any orders will be despatched. You can order it following the ‘buy calendar’ tab at Team Chaos.

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Mud and Maidens calendar 2012

Cover image

Well, I know we’re only just getting rolling into 2011 but we need to start planning for the Mud and Maidens calendar for next year. We’re planning on shooting it in July or August to get the benefit of warm days and longer daylight hours.

Location has yet to be decided upon and we’re seriously considering making it a weekend event so camping will be available and we’ll have a big BBQ and some beverages on the Saturday night and shoot both Saturday and Sunday.

It will involve Land Rovers again and most likely some mud/water/dirt so be prepared to get messy.

If you are interested in putting your name down to model, or if you have a vehicle of interest that may suit please email me at:


and I will keep you up to date on the proceedings.

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A new year is almost upon us

Well 2011 is almost upon us. I guess it’s time to reflect on 2010. How was it for you? Whatever your answer, good or bad, I sincerely hope that 2011 is better. From a photographic perspective my year has been pretty good though quiet-ish in the last month or so due to other things needing my attention. I am already looking forward to a number of projects next year and will be working with some amazing people. Some for the first time, others for the second, third or more.

Below is a short gallery of some of this years work, I hope you enjoy.


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A special thank you

Whilst I cannot thank enough, those models that posed in the cold and mud for the Macmillan Charity Calendar, a special thank you must also be extended to three photographers.

Ste Jones – Kitaeru Photography

Ste travelled that morning all the way from Wigan to help out on the shoot and he done a sterling job. His Facebook page can be found here and I urge you to take a look at his work.

Ste Jones

Ste aka Mr Kitaeru

James Rose – Roziekins Photography

James is a new photographer in professional terms. He is also a very experienced model. He was honoured to be asked to help out on the shoot and we were honoured to have his help. His Facebook page can be found here and his Model Mayhem photographer portfolio can be seen here.

Roziekins at work

Richard Rollinson – Zero72 Photography

Richard was brought onboard late in the day to come and help out with behind the scenes shooting and general bit and pieces and he is a true star. The only reason none of his images made the final calendar is due to people looking at another photographer and suchlike. I know a club that was at the shoot are very appreciative of his efforts with their vehicles and I know myself and many others are appreciative of his taxi skills during the shoot.

A special mention goes to Richard as just after taking the Christmas shot in the montage below, he slipped and severely damaged his ankle, so much so, it’s still not fully recovered. His Facebook page can be seen here.

Richard Obi-Wan

Richard Obi-Wan demonstrating the force

It was my pleasure to work with these gentlemen and they will have the first invites to the next charity shoot I am involved with. They all gave selflessly as did the models.

Other photographic mentions must go to Simon Ward-Hastelow, Mike Fox and Andy Watson.

Credits in the three images above, Richard Rollinson, Simon Ward-Hastelow, Mike Fox (calendar inserts, James Rose and Ste Jones).

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Introducing the page sliders

I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to the images in the page sliders at the top of this website. Firstly, the sliders are part of the ‘sliding door’ wordpress theme created by Wayne Connor so all due credit to him.

Now my slider images……..

1. Sarah-Jane Blackner

Sarah-Jane is a very talented,  stunning model that I have worked with a couple of times. The image used in the slider is actually the reverse of the original as otherwise, only her legs, lovely as they are, would show when the slider was closed. This was taken during her progress from black hair through to platinum blonde and shot in Nottingham.

Sarah-Jane Blackner

Sarah-Jane, the right way round

2. Woolvestone Marina

This image was taken in August 2010 during a sailing trip which had us spend two nights just outside Ipswich in Woolvestone Marina, located on the River Orwell. The image was a tripod mounted long exposure, with a time of 30 seconds. I couldn’t use a longer exposure having left the camera’s remote shutter release at home.

Woolvestone Marina on the River Orwell

30 seconds of the River Orwell

3. Little Red Riding Psychopath

This was a shoot for which I suffered. The lovely Gypsy Rhodes and I shot this in a wood within Whisby Nature Park just outside Lincoln. The suffering to which I refer to was in the inordinate number of insect bite which I endured that day. Gypsy, luckily, was not bitten. Not once. Not a nip.

Anyway, the shoot featured a disgruntled Little Red Riding Hood, post killing spree. Images from the shoot as a whole will appear in the gallery soon.

Little Red Psychopath

Gypsy-Only a little psychotic

4. Team Chaos

My connections with the fundraisers known as Team Chaos go back a few years now. I shall dedicate a post to them on the Team Chaos page soon. This shot was taken at 2am at the Land Rover Owner Peterborough show in September 2010. It is my longest exposure to date, being 15 minutes in duration using an ‘big stopper’ filter to lower the exposure time by ten stops. My biggest fear when taking it was that a car with headlights on would drive past. Luckily, none did though the bright light you can see in the right hand side was someone in the distance with a torch. Incidentally, stars begin to ‘trail’ on exposures over 30 seconds as the planet rotates.

Team Chaos' Discovery by night

Watching the universe pass by

5. Stevi-Marie

Zombies galore. Well, maybe not but Stevi was a blood coated zombie during a group shoot back in March with Perfect Storm Models. For those wondering, the ‘blood’ was in fact domestic honey with a lot of food colouring. It was incredibly sticky and staining. Hence I now keep a litre of stage blood in my make up box for any future occasions that demand ‘blood’.


She's coming for you...

6. Champ de Mars, Paris

This is a dusk view, south-east from the top deck of the Eiffel Tower. The Champ de Mars is a large public ‘greenspace’  between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire. I shall wax lyrical about the Tower itself in a future post as it was a very profound visit.

Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars from over 900ft

7. Autsin Healey

This last slider was merely a stunningly, nut and bolt restored, Austin Healey that I saw outside a pub I had just had lunch in. I desaturated the image and added a vignette to give it an aged feel.

Restored beauty

Beautifully restored classic

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Time to be more proactive I think

Well after brushing the dust off this blog I have decided to (attempt) to be more proactive in keeping it up to date.

So first a sales pitch. I was recently involved (under the Anwick Photography banner) in the production of a charity calendar to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. This was in partnership with my good friend Colin Batchelor of Team Chaos fame and the wonderful people from Toxic Epitome, along with 13 of the most hardy alternative models in the area, three other photographers, a national magazine and a mixed motley crew of Land Rover enthusiasts.

The shoot took place in a Lincolnshire quarry at the end of October and was, cold, hard work, but a lot of fun. The finished A3 product is now on sale and can be purchased from the Toxic site mentioned above. ALL the proceeds go to the charity, only the costs of the printing and postage are being deducted, hence, for the £12 cost of the calendar, at least £5 goes to the charity.

Thanks must also go to the kind companies that were generous enough to sponsor a page each (well 11 pages between them) and add to the total charity fund.

They were,

Nene Overland

Roofright glass fibre specialists, Boston.

Free Spirit 4×4


Ashcroft Transmissions

Flatdog UK

Patterson Electronics


Autoland 4×4 Service

Cover image

Anyway, please buy a copy (or three) as it’s for a very good cause.

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