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Exposing a repair

I had the pleasure last week of spending two days with Andrew and Emma Walsh and their amazing team at the new, hi-tech premises of AW Repair Group in Sleaford.

Lincolnshire's only Porsche approved repair centre

Approved by vehicle insurers and manufacturers they are now one of only 32 Porsche approved repair centres in the UK, being able to offer the high levels of workmanship expected by the manufacturer.

It had been many years since I’d set foot in a bodyshop and AW is far more than just a bodyshop. It’s a state of the art facitily. From they days past when a car would be baked for hours after painting, paint can now be dried in just 8 minutes using the latest in drying equipment.

Paint drying in action

This technology, saving not only time but also huge amounts of energy, means the repair can be lower cost and more environmentally friendly than the long bake methods.

Then there is panel repair. Until recently, many repairs would involve a costly new panel but not with the company’s Flatliner equipment. A number of ‘eyelets’ are tack welded to a damaged panel (being already taken back to bare metal) then a rod is inserted through then eyes and with the aid of other equipment, a panel can be pulled straight. Obviously it makes sense when you see it and it’s a bit more involved but it’s a great device and again, cost and waste saving.

Flatliner demonstration


How about plastic bumpers? Surely once cracked, no respectable repair is possible? Wrong, with modern techniques even split and fractured bumpers can be repaired. And even scratched plastic headlights can be made pure and clear again.


All in all it’s pretty impressive what can be achieved with the right know-how and equipment and the service offered by AW is probably the best you’re find anywhere and I’m proud to have worked with them.

In a move to widen the range of services they offer, AW now also offer vhicle servicing and tyres along with air conditioning maintenance and same-day repairs. Yes, SAME DAY.

I urge you to have a look at their new website and bear them in mind should you need anything from a shopping trolley dent to a trip through a hedge repaired (the car, not the hedge).


On a lighter side on things, I did also get up close and personal with Herbie, KITT and a 1960’s Batmobile, so a few childhood dream fulfilled there!

Childhood dream cars


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