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Once upon a time in a land far far……….you get the idea. I was a drummer in a band and we were doing quite well. Things however fall apart, people move on and time passes and then one day, you’re in your late thirties and you realise how much you miss drumming. It’s Dave’s fault. Well, partially it is but I’ll blame him entirely for now.

It's Dave's fault

Dave is an old friend of mine. He runs a successful drum, guitar and bass tuition studio near Tunbridge Well called One8e and he’s also in a few bands, The Mighty Worm, 4th Wall and the seminal punk band, The Anti Nowhere League. On a recent trip to Kent I spent an afternoon and evening with Dave catching up, having a nice pub lunch and for the first time in over a decade, having a play on a drum kit. It was awesome and I didn’t suck anywhere near as much as I thought I would with the lack of practice. Then in the evening I went to the last venue I played to watch Dave and 4th Wall perform, the Tunbridge Wells Forum along with All the Above. Obviously I took photos whilst there too, after all it would be rude not to. The full album can be seen here or here.

4th Wall

Next, more recently I spent the evening in Sleaford cricket club photographing Bear Makes Ninja (awesome name if ever there was one) and Kill the Ideal oh, and a bloke named Dan. The album for that can be seen here and here.

All of the bands I have photographed recently have gone a long way to remind me what fabulous local bands there are around. In this age dominated by the drivel put out by X-Factor and it’s like, it’s nice to know that people are still getting together and making fantastic original music and are a joy to see.

So if you’re Saturday evening plan is to sit in and watch the latest pseudo talent show on the box, why not pop to a local pub and see a live band and have a great evening instead. You’ll thank me for it.


Bear Makes Ninja

Kill The Ideal


Anyway, unusual for me on this blog, I decided to post a few videos by bands I have shot recently or know members of, including Zipperface which my dear old friend Richmond batters the skins for and the video includes cake so it’s worth it for that.

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