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The Eiffel Tower

7,300 tons of metal. 2,500,000 rivets. 121 years old (from completion). 2 years, 2 months and five days construction.

It's bigger than you think

The epitome of Paris

In a modern world where some construction projects over-run by years, the fact this 324m high (with the flagpole) structure was built mostly by hand in just over two years is quite amazing.

During a trip to Paris earlier this year, my one personal aim was to visit the tower. I had wanted to visit it mainly out of photographic interest and to marvel at one of the engineering wonders of the world, when I got there however, something happened, it literally took my breath away with it’s beauty.

It is a stunning structure. I can’t communicate that as much as I’d like. We arrived late afternoon so were able to view the  structure in both daylight and darkness. Yes there is a bit of a queue to gain access but it is worth every slow shuffle.  It’s a very good value visit as well with access to the very top costing just 13.10 € for an adult.

There are three platforms, or floors. The first at 57m, the second at 115m (as high as my mum was willing to ascend) and the third at spine tingling 276m. Now I know there are far taller structures in the world. But this is just a giant meccano set.

From 276m

South-east from the Top

Here you will find the official pdf document from the Eiffel Tower operating company, all about the tower, it’s history and some interesting facts and figures.

North-west view

North-west from the top

A night on the river

Paris by night

Going up

Going up in mono

Beauty in iron

Tower of beauty