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Oh wow, I really should get off my amply padded rear and keep this blog up to date a bit more often.

Recently I was commissioned to find a model and do a shoot for a client. Nothing really unusual there but this client was Land Rover World and along with the other magazines for the marque, they don’t usually employ models. Not unless they have the word Corgi stamped on them somewhere anyway.

I put out the casting an handed the short-list to the editor who made a decision. The brief, able to do own hair and make-up and able to produce some fun, cheeky looks.

The lovely Nona Nightmare was the chosen model for the shoot and she met me at a McDonalds close to the off road site in Bradford on a fresh, overcast Saturday morning.

We made our way to the site and met up with Simon, the editor of LRW and Brendan and Barbara, the owners of 4×4 Overlander and suppliers of two of the vehicles for the day.

Whilst I won’t go into the depths of what was covered in the shoot or the products on test, you’ll have to buy June’s LRW to find out and see more, I can say we all had a great day, Nona was a star and we beat the rain by about half an hour so all was good.

The lovely and cold temperature-defeating, Nona Nightmare

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And my hands are still stained red

Yesterday was a messy shoot day. The lovely Fenrah and I set off to Westgate Studios in Long Eaton for a few hours involving body paint and a shower (Westgate has a ‘wet set’). A warm welcome was extended from Chris at Westgate and I thank him for his hospitality, a great studio should you even need one. We were also joined by the lunatic that is known as James Rose and the talented Sarah Jane York whom were doing their own thing.

Whilst due to nudity I can’t currently put many of the images on here, I have uploaded a few to viewed. Now Fen done the majority of the painting herself in a mirror, a talent in itself, only requiring my assistance to paint her ‘painting arm’ and he back. My artwork was not as refined as hers unfortunately but I feel it did the trick.

As a result of yesterday’s shoot we now have a number of cunning plans to follow, some involving just paint and others including latex, prosthetics and scales so watch this space.

Stunning 'mirror' work.

Amazing self painting by Fen

My handy work

Following through the design

Close up face paint

Eye contact

JD and Sarah

James and Sarah, out-taken

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