Robin Hoods Bay

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Robin Hoods Bay on the East Yorkshire coast, is a beautiful village. Luckily, my better half’s sister lives up there with her family so we have somewhere to stay. This family connection also means I get to visit the area quite frequently. This in turn means I get to wander around the area with my camera in tow.

It’s a lovely part of the country to visit, back end of beyond but worth the journey across the moors. Nearby you have Whitby to the north and Ravenscar to the south with a permanent colony of seals.

It also has the benefit of having lovely clear night skies with minimal light pollution. It’s worth a visit if you like hiking, photography or just want to get away. Mobile phone signals are very hit and miss there so you can use it as a good place to escape.

A few moments of my time there have been put in the gallery below. I took a short drone flight whilst there too, see the video at the bottom.