The new(ish) direction…..

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Having neglected this blog for so long, I need to kick it (and myself) into virtual life again. I intend to do this a few ways. Firstly I WILL blog more. I often say it but I will. Secondly, I’m going to start to vlog, possibly frequently. Probably not on the levels of Peter McKinnon, Chase Jarvis, Casey Neistat or Thomas Heaton, but on a more frequent level than blue moons!

Problem is, like all creatives, I need to find things to vlog and blog about so if you have any suggestions then drop me a comment. I will review gear and involve you in what I am and have been up to as well as offering advice where I can.

That said, I’m recording my first couple of videos as I write this, they’ll be hitting YouTube soon so keep an eye out and you know, like, subscribe, comment.